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Electro electrified form gender bent by superuk
Electro electrified form gender bent
When Becky riley started her days off as the scarlet spider  she had her first battle with penny parker old foe electra after becky slam her in to a large power station she  disappear  becky belived she was gone by after taking in some much electricity she turn to her electrified form she name her self Electra 2.0 after that she battle Becky and soon saw she was more powerful than before but found her way to beat her by taking her away from the power station and found went back to normal but still had some of her electrified form in her  
Spider-man Lizard gender bent by superuk
Spider-man Lizard gender bent
When doctor Connors used a reptilian limb regeneration serum to give her back her lost arm and it worked when doctor Stillwell found out she was mad at Connors for risking her life but she wanted her arm back feeling she lost to much like her husband and her daguther trust when penny parker and Dwayne stacy and Emily found out they were happy but sadly their was a side effect the human body was not used to the Reptilian dna and Connors slowly became the Lizard and went on a rampage spider-woman shown up to stop her and battle her in the zoo and gave her the antidote just in time and became human aging but it would be one of Connors many mistakes
Teen Titans League Ra's al Ghul/Neal O'neil by superuk
Teen Titans League Ra's al Ghul/Neal O'neil
Ra's al Ghul has lived a long life by using the Lazarus Pit to make him self young has fooled people for many years after leaving the League of Assassins to his daguther and wanted to start and new life solo went to gotham city where he bilt his company Goth corp and used a new name Neal O'neil as his new  aliases and used his company to sell weapons and high teach to crooks and at the same time fell in love with a young woman named Kate Raatko who would soon marry and gave birth to their child Nyssa Raatko but Kate died soon after leaving Ra's to look after his child and cares for her witch is shown when he found  out the Rouges he paid to find Robin attacked Gotham high and shown to make deal with supercrooks to find Tim drake aka robin and clone him
Spencer Smythe/Spider-Slayer gender bent by superuk
Spencer Smythe/Spider-Slayer gender bent
stella smythe worked o her spider-slayer project for Osborn and found out she had a rare lines and worked on a cyborg body that would never age and remove her emotion thinking it would make her weak and became the ultimate spider-slyer and soon plan to make a army of cyborg spider-slyers soon Spider-woman and Blue bird set to stop her
X-men multible man gender bent by superuk
X-men multible man gender bent
born with a love for video games and comics jenny madrox was kind of the geek in her school after getting punch by one of her school bullys she split in to two and found out she was a mutant and found out her copys came  with their own personality she soon joint theme as one of the new mutants and one of the jokers in the team


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Matthew goodyear
United Kingdom
love reading dc comic i do a lot of fanfics on it and reading comics love dvds and Blue rays

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